gitaarbouwer Chris Van HeddegemAt the occasion of my engineering studies in Ghent, I studied the classical guitar at the academy of music in Ledeberg with Mr Roumen and was awarded the diploma classical guitar higher degree. Then I joined for about one year the guitar class of Nicolas Alfonso (Nicolas Perez-Fernandez) at the Music Academy of Uccle . When I got more time I joint the classical guitar building workshops under the guidance of Walter Verreydt at the Centre for musical instruments construction (CMB) in Puurs for 4 years.

Since mid 2011 I build my classical guitars in my workshop located in Ronse in the middle of the Flemish Ardennes.

All my classical guitars are completely hand made in the traditional way from first class materials. The offer includes the concert guitar model and the slightly smaller Torres model. Both models can be built also with additional bass strings, for example as 11-strings guitar (7 + 4 strings).

Recently the offer has even been completed with a double top guitar of which the top is composed of ceder / Nomex and spruce.